Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tucson Tuesdays: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

About 8 months ago, I wrote a letter to the developers of Passages of Tucson, a planned mixed-use destination development in southeast Tucson (see photo).

I wrote because I knew that it was a HUGE project with limitless potential - and I wanted to share my "requests" for certain shops, restaurants, and services. I don't remember all of the details, but I know I requested:

* Zara
* H & M
* Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack
* Target
* A Movie Theater (not Century Theatres)
* Family-friendly services and features (family restrooms, nursing lounges, kids club, etc.)
* A Women's health club/gym or a Lifetime Fitness

Guess what? The developers responded, invited me to lunch, and gave me the "inside scoop" on their master plan. They listened to my ideas and I listened to theirs. It was a productive give-and-take session.

That's the beauty of community engagement and participation.

I encourage you to take some small action step today to engage in your neighborhood, in our city. Think of one thing that you wish was different. Do you secretly wish that the local bakery would sell blueberry muffins? Tell them! Does the library not offer a book that you want to read? Request it! Do you wish that your child's preschool had a higher adult: student ratio? Volunteer!

Do just one thing. Start today. Our city (and our state, our country, our world) will only improve if we all contribute.


Shefaly Yogendra said...

Hi. I followed the link from Penelope's blog.

I think Anne Lusk (Harvard School of Public Health) will like to hear about this Tucson development. She is a great champion of greenways and mixed use communities.


Melissa Garrett said...

Good for you ~ that's awesome!!

I would love to have an H&M :-)