Wednesday, October 17, 2007

6 Tools for Writers

1) A laptop - Desktops are on their way out. Laptops are the current technology trend. Fortunately, laptops are the perfect tool for writers because they're portable. I recommend the MacBook or the MacBook Pro.

2) Steno pads - The mind of the writer is always buzzing with new ideas and, often, brilliant thoughts pops up at inconvenient times - at the grocery store, in the shower, on a run, in the library, in traffic. Having a notepad handy is crucial for retaining those quotes, lines, and topics that will make up tomorrow's best seller.

3) Free Magazine Subscriptions - I enjoy flipping through magazines on everything from business and parenting to fashion and home decorating. Why? Because the glossy pages give me insights into the culture around me. Here are the magazines that I currently receive: Health, Good Housekeeping, American Baby, Babytalk, Working Mother, Metropolitan Home, and Sweet Sixteen. That list doesn't include the catalogs that I receive. Best of all, I don't pay for any of them. You can get free magazine subscriptions by participating in surveys on e-Rewards. You can also find offers for free magazines on Absurdly Cool and other freebie websites. Other magazines - like the ones with links above - are just free to everyone.

4) The nearest bookstore - Browsing through new releases is a fantastic way to scout out what's "hot" in the book market, to find potential agents via your favorite books' prefaces, or to get familiar with magazines that you want to send queries to. If you're extra lucky, your bookstore has cool events - like author readings, writing groups, and storytimes for kids.

5) Wi-Fi at home and abroad - If you're living without wireless technology, you're missing out. Find a computer guru, buy a wireless router, and bring Wi-Fi into your home. You won't regret it. You can also scout out all of the public places in your neighborhood that offer free Wi-Fi and tote your laptop around with you - try coffee shops, libraries, and bookstores first.

6) Writer's Market - I have an outdated version of this book and I'd really like to get the online version, but haven't splurged just yet. The Writer's Market is a comprehensive listing of book and magazine markets (and their submission requirements). It's a very useful resource, to say the least.

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Melissa Garrett said...

Thanks for the link to the online version of Writers Market. Hmmm - I've often picked up the print version at the bookstore, but the cost makes me put it down each and every time. I suppose, however, that what you could potentially get out of it is worth the cost.