Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How to Save More Money - 5 Tips from a Super Saver

People who know me well know that I'm not a big spender. I save. I give. And I occasionally spend money (but only after careful contemplation). I very rarely make purchases on a whim and I am not the kind of person that a salesman likes to run into because I am not easily swayed or charmed by statistics or smiles.

If you're looking for a few ways to cut costs and save money, follow my lead and try these ideas:

1. Cancel cable TV. TV is, for the most part, mindless and a waste of time. Cancel cable and save every month. Do something else. Go on a run. Read a book. Cook a healthy meal. Volunteer at an elderly home. The key is focusing on worthwhile, action-oriented activities.

2. Boycott movie theaters. The theaters in my area charge $9.25 per seat. Yikes! A movie every week adds up fast - especially if you add in a spouse and a few kids. Rent a movie (preferably, from the library) instead. If you must get the big screen experience, opt for a "cheap theater" or a matinee.

3. Bring your lunch to work. It's healthier. It's cheaper. It tastes better. Period.

4. Don't attend in-home shopping "parties." Just say no to Mary Kay, Discovery Toys, Gold Canyon Candles, etc., etc. They're usually overpriced and the products are almost always unnecessary. Why add more clutter to your home and your life? Simplify!

5. Opt to not have a home phone. You need a cell phone. That's obvious. But a home phone? Probably not. Unless you spend copious amounts of time on the phone, your cell phone plan should cover all of your bases.


Ashley P. said...

I totally agree with this list. It is sad that movie's are so expensive to attend. They could really be a fun night out with the family.

dcrmom said...

Great list! I really should stop going to those parties. Sigh.