Sunday, October 7, 2007

Stephanie's 10 Essential Wardrobe Elements

Busy moms desire style, but they also require functionality. Moms need clothes that they can bend up-and-down, stretch from side-to-side, run down the street, and maneuver around in without showing anything (that's reason #1 why skirts and dresses are impractical for moms - usually).

These top 10 wardrobe elements provide both function and style:

1. Jeans - Several pairs in different shades and styles...perhaps a few with embellishments or sparkles. Every woman should have one pair of dark-wash, boot-cut jeans - I have yet to find someone who doesn't look great in that style.
2. Well-fitted Tees - Lots of different colors and variations...perhaps with embellishments or sparkles. I prefer V-neck.
3. Boots - Boots are stylish, comfortable, and professional. You can dress them up or dress them down. I have a black pair and a brown pair that I love.
4. Nice Coat - I have to agree with Tim Gunn here. A nice coat is a necessity because it can bring pizazz to any outfit. Trench coats are a good choice or - my preference - you can buy a quality leather coat. Nothing is quite as sophisticated as leather.
5. Camisoles - These are great for lounging around the house, for working out, for layering under low-coat shirts and sweaters, or for wearing underneath a classy suit. Right now in my closet, I have 2 black camisoles, 1 brown camisole, 1 red camisole, and 1 aqua camisole.
6. Dress Pants - One or two nice pairs of dress pants are essential for those times when you need/want to dress up a bit without having to sacrifice functionality. Dress pants are a great option for parent/teacher conferences, for church, or for work.
7. Heels - They're not for every day "wearage", but I really think heels are a must-have in a woman's wardrobe. Heels really can add a lot of umph to any outfit - whether to jeans or a dress. If you're only going to invest in one pair, choose a 2 inch pump in black.
8. Cute Workout Attire - What you're going for here are items that you can wear running or to hip hop class - AND to the grocery store AND to pick up your kids from school, etc. Consider a matching, well-fitted sweat suit or stretchy yoga pants and a quality tee. (Maybe a velour set from Juicy Couture - pictured).
9. A Dressy Outfit - There are times when a nice skirt or dress is required or desired. Think weddings, date nights with husband, etc. Have one pretty option that makes you feel lovely.
10. A Quality Suit - If you work outside of the home (or even if you don't), I think it's important to have at least one nice suit in your closet. For those times when you need to command authority or show that you're an expert - an unexpected job interview, a charity fundraiser, a board meeting for a local non-profit organization, etc.


dcrmom said...

LOVE this! Although I have to disagree with the suit for non-working-moms. I don't think I ever have the occasion for a suit. TOTALLY agree about the leather jacket. I ADORE LEATHER JACKETS. :-)

Ashley P. said...

Great list! I personally LOVE dresses and skirts. I have several skirts and dresses in my closet. I love to throw on a comfy dress or skirt especially in the summer. Not to mention my husband who loves it when he comes home and I look "put together" for the day.

Melissa Garrett said...

YES! I love your list :-)

RookieMom Whitney said...

Hmm. Without even seeing this, I came up with a list of 14 Necessary Items for going back to work. I'll post it on the blog when I get a chance. I am not into leather jackets, but instead like a more fun colored trench coat. It makes any outfit, ie black tee and jeans look great.

Damselfly said...

Nice list! I don't have a coat or workout attire, though.

Anonymous said...

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