Saturday, October 6, 2007

10 Essential Wardrobe Elements According to Tim Gunn's Guide to Style

I recently found this list of Tim Gunn's 10 essential wardrobe elements on the Musings of a Housewife blog:

1. Basic Black Dress
2. Trench Coat
3. Classic Dress Pants
4. White Shirt
5. Jeans
6. Cashmere Sweater
7. Skirt
8. Day Dress
9. Blazer
10. Sweat Suit Alternative

The blogger then went on to list which 10 elements she has in her closet and why. I decided to follow in her footsteps:

1. Basic Black Dress - No. I don't have one of these anymore, but I should. Dresses just aren't particularly suited for motherhood. (I do like the black dress pictured, Diane von Furstenberg Leno Dress from Nordstrom).
2. Trench Coat - Yes, I have a khaki-colored one from Old Navy, but I really don't like it. The material is cheap and it wrinkles too easily.
3. Classic Dress Pants - Yes, I have several pairs. Dress pants are my work wardrobe staple.
4. White Shirt - No. Why do fashion gurus always list a white shirt as an essential item? In my experience, white is only flattering on a minority of people. I am not one of them.
5. Jeans - Yes, I practically live in jeans. In fact, if I had to be stranded on an island with only one outfit- jeans would definitely be a part of that outfit.
6. Cashmere Sweater - No, but I'd love to have one.
7. Skirt - Yes, I have one fabulous skirt and about three skirts that are too big now that I had a baby and lost weight.
8. Day Dress - No. See #1. Dresses are not very functional for moms.
9. Blazer - Yes, I have several nice long-sleeved ones. Unfortunately, Tucson is too hot for coats the majority of the year. I need some short-sleeved alternatives.
10. Sweat Suit Alternative - A. What is wrong with a cute sweat suit? B. I don't even own a sweat suit, but I wish I did.

I have 6 of the 10, but I really don't feel bad. I'm sorry, Tim Gunn, but you just have it all wrong. Stay tuned tomorrow for Stephanie's Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials for Busy Moms...


    dcrmom said...

    Hi! Let's be friends. LOL. I live in jeans too. LOVE JEANS. And of course, I mentioned that dress pants are my staple church outfit. And yes, WHY do we need an alternative to a sweat suit? Sweat suits are the most comfy, practical, and I daresay even cute element of a mom's daily wardrobe. I think you said more that I agree with, but I can't recall. Looking forward to tomorrow's edition - your 10 essentials.

    Oh yeah, the white shirt. YES! I mean, I actually like white, but WHY is it necessary to have one? I hate blouses, so maybe I'm just hung up on that.

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