Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You're a Nerd If...

Write "agree" or "disagree" next to the following statements:

1. I love school and would constantly be pursuing a new degree if I had the money to finance it.
2. A Ph.D. is in my future.
3. Attending conferences is fun.
4. I watch political debates and enjoy them.
5. If a local coffee shop hosted a "Coffee with the Candidate" event, I would attend.
6. I regularly browse the local university's website for the latest news about research projects and new degree programs.
7. The library and the bookstore are two of my favorite places.
8. My idea of an amazing birthday present is a gift certificate for an online bookseller.
9. When I receive my Alma Mater's alumni publication, I read it thoroughly.
10. I have written a letter of compliment or complaint to the President of the United States, my local representatives, and at least five businesses.

If you answered "agree" to all ten, my husband Tim would say that you are most definitely a nerd. I, on the other hand, would simply say that we could be fabulous friends.

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