Monday, June 11, 2007

Making the Most Out of High School

Attention all soon-to-be-9th graders! Here's a blogbook on how to have an incredible high school experience. I'll unveil one tip every day for ten days.

Tip #1 Get good grades.
How? It's actually a relatively simple formula.

A. Make a good first impression.
Be sure to stand out on the first few days of class. Be prepared with a notepad, writing utensils, and any required books or equipment. Sit near the front of the class. Make good eye contact, smile, nod your head, take notes. Introduce yourself to the teacher at the end of the first class session. Say something simple like, "Hi. I'm Anna and I'm really looking forward to your class."

B. Exceed your teacher's expectations. If the assignment is to read chapters 1-3, read a little bit ahead. If you're studying about Asia, bring in an authentic Asian food for your teacher or the whole class (with your teacher's permission). If you have to give a presentation, dress up, use PowerPoint, and have a related visual aid. Go above-and-beyond. Do more - and you'll score!

C. Always submit your homework on-time. If you don't know how to do a set of math problems or if you just don't get how to write an essay in a specified format, don't go to class empty-handed. Try. Fill in every blank. Answer every question. Turn your work in anyway. Prompt and complete homework will automatically set you "above the pack."

D. Study for tests. Do spend some time studying. Make flash cards, do the study guide, quiz yourself, create a sample exam, look back over your homework - do what works for you, but do something.

E. Learn to love to learn. Don't just go to class and do your homework out of obligation. Find something in every subject area to get excited about.

F. Ask for help, when needed. Go to tutoring. Stay after school. Call your extra-smart Uncle Dave.

There you have it! Straight A's are on the way!

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