Monday, June 25, 2007

Generation X or Y

Online dictionaries say that Generation X consists of people that were born between the early 1960's and the mid 1970's while Generation Y groupies, also known as the Millennials, are people born between 1978-2000. The exact dates fluctuate from site to site, but, in every case, I seem to stand almost right at the intersection of X and Y since my birth date falls in 1982.

It turns out that I am pretty accurately placed in my generation when it comes to my technology use as well. Penelope Trunk has posted a great survey on her blog that allows readers to determine what generation they fall into based on their use of technology. In my case, it was extraordinarily accurate. I scored 11 points, meaning that I use technology like a Generation Xer, but I am on the verge of using technology like a Generation Yer.

Go take it - and tell me where you end up...

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