Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Key to Career Success? Specialization

I've been reading Penelope Trunk's blog a lot lately. Although she has many new and divergent perspectives, one that seems to be aligned with "old-school" career advice is the concept of specialization. She states, "the best way to ensure you'll always be in demand is to become a specialist" and "specializing makes you more likely to be hired and hunted." Although specializing is the goal, she cautions her readers not to limit themselves "too much or too early."

The professors that I met with at the UA handed out similar advice. They told me to focus in on one unique area of study and become an expert.

Successful authors also seem to follow this route. They are experts in one genre - money management, science fiction, romance, chick lit, etc.

Trunk suggests examining your gifts to find your area. Without trying to brag, I think mine are writing, interpersonal skills, and creativity/new ideas.

More on this later...

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