Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Making the Most out of High School, Tip #9

Tip #9 Get a job (maybe).

Getting a job in high school can be a good thing for many students. It's a great way to learn about responsibility and money management.

That said, if you have implemented all of the other tips (get good grades, play sports, volunteer, join a club or two, etc.), your schedule is probably pretty full. So it might be a good idea to put off the part-time job thing until college. Going overseas during the summer, volunteering at a children's shelter, and shooting for straight A's will benefit you much more than flipping burgers for minimum wage.

Note: if you are in the position where you need to get a job to pay for gas, car insurance, or even food/clothes, do try to get a job in a reputable place. If possible, avoid fast food. Ask your parents or your friend's parents for referrals. Stop in at local offices that interest you and just ask.

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