Saturday, June 9, 2007

Dear Kayla,

You are nine months old today. You've changed from a beautiful infant to a smiley baby to an active explorer (note: you are still beautiful and smiley). You're crawling like a pro now - zooming around the house on all fours - in and out of all of the bedrooms. You are active, fast, and fearless.

Your favorite activities are (1) reading books (seriously, you never seem to tire of especially love Green Eggs & Ham and anything that rhymes), (2) being thrown in the air, (3) being tickled, (4) playing games with dad and mom, and (5) dancing along with the radio (If I turn on music, I am guaranteed a huge smile and wide eyes). You also enjoy taking walks and looking in the mirror.

On the flip side, you despise being alone (you, social butterfly!) and riding in your car seat for long periods of time.

You're not particularly interested in toys, but you do like to get into almost anything that is deemed "not for babies." You especially are fascinated by shoes, cords, and paper...and you love banging on mama's laptop. If you are forced to choose a toy, you will probably go for your soccer ball, football, or anything that you haven't seen before.

You are becoming more and more beautiful as the days pass by. Strangers oft comment on your amazing eyes (sparkling blue) and lengthy eyelashes. And, of course, you still have that irresistible smile and distinct button nose. Your laugh brightens the room and you are undoubtedly always the center-of-attention in every circle.

You have many nicknames...they seem to change hourly...but the latest include Blue Eyes, Gorgeous Girl, Boo, Goose (as in, silly goose...), Kay-Kay, High-Maintenance, and Irresistible.

When it comes to food, you are anything but picky. You will eat all fruits, vegetables, cereals, and breads willingly and eagerly. You especially seem to love water and cherry puffs (a Gerber finger food).

You will sleep serenely in your crib for nap time now and you start your evenings there as well. But you prefer snuggling in bed with your mom and dad. And you would be absolutely delighted if you could spend your nap times in our arms.

A few other small factoids before I finish this letter.
* You adore your daddy - the way you look at him reminds me of the way I often look at him - he's your hero.
* You are exceptionally sweet and happy and adorable...and your mama loves you with a fierce, intense, deep love that she never knew until she had you.

Loving you,


Mandi said...

What a lucky girl she is to have you for her mother! You've always had a way with words...

Anonymous said...

I can tell you are a great mother!! Keep up the good work!