Monday, June 18, 2007

Making the Most out of High School, Tip #8

Tip #8 Take a foreign language.

Knowing a foreign language is a major asset in our increasingly global world. Why not begin in high school? If possible, take a foreign language all four years. If you can't fit it in your schedule, try taking your foreign language the last two years of high school as opposed to the first two years so that the language is fresh in your mind when you head to college.

Need a few great reasons to study a foreign language? Knowing a fl is linked to better test scores (think: SAT/ACT) and you will have better job opportunities in the future.

Which language should you study? Any will do, but consider that Spanish is the second language of our nation and that Chinese is the most widely spoken language according to many reports. That said, if you know a lesser known language, you will be in high demand for high profile jobs. Plus, it's pretty cool to speak, say, Arabic or Russian.

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