Saturday, May 12, 2007

Whenever one door closes, another opens.

We've been thinking and praying about my Ph.D. The result? I think that dream will have to wait.

I can't bear to leave little Kayla - even if the thought of intellectual and social growth is somewhat enticing. Motherhood is my full-time mission at the moment.

Thus, that door closes (for now).

But another door has opened. I will be working from home for the local school district wherein I currently work. More details to come...


Ratih Tachot said...

If I were you, I would also choose motherhood, since it is a privielege, not all women could be as lucky to become a mother... even our profesional side scraming for our attention, but children grow fast.. it is a precious moments.. our personal needs could wait.. if it is for you, in time will come.. good luck!

maryb said...

"There is no higher calling in life than to raise the children God has trusted to our care."(Dobson)