Saturday, May 5, 2007

Best Places to Live

If you log on to, you can take a fun survey about geographic and cultural preferences. The site will then provide you with the top 25 cities for you to live.

I took the survey about two years ago and ended up with quite a few WA cities. This time around, the following cities made my top eight:

1. Greenville, South Carolina
2. Clarksville, Tennessee
3. Chattanooga, Tennessee
4. Tulsa, Oklahoma
5. Tuscaloosa, Alabama
6. Olympia, Washington
7. Johnson City-Kingsport, Tennessee
8. Lynchburg, Virginia

Take the quiz and post your results here!


Mandi said...

Atlantic Beach-Morehead City, NC
Whidbey Island/Oak Harbor/Coupeville, WA
Port Townsend, WA
Hickory, NC
Abingdon, VA
Atlantic City, NJ
Morganton, NC
Mount Vernon, WA

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