Friday, May 4, 2007

Graduate School from a distance, Part II

Excuse me, Dr. Benton (President of Pepperdine University). Ahem, can I ask you a question, Dr. Bok (President of Harvard University)? I have a comment to share with you, Dr. Gutmann (President of the University of Pennsylvania).

Please be innovative. Think forward. Roll into the next generation ahead of the pack. Appeal to the millennials. --

Start a rigorous, reputable online graduate program. Yes, feel free to incorporate several weekend or weeklong residential experiences throughout the fact, I recommend it. Go against the grain of the stodgy, traditional brotherhood. Do something different in a completely excellent way.

For families. For the future.

1 comment:

maryb said...

Yes, just like Tim's graduate experience--with online work and once or twice a campus visit. I think that will enable many students to continue with their education!