Sunday, January 7, 2007

Ph.D. motivation

Several people have asked me about what motivates me to get a doctorate degree:

(1) To continue my quest for knowledge and to squelch out boredom - my primary motivation for heading back to graduate school is purely intrinsic. I love learning and being in school allows me the freedom to do so. It also forces me to "stretch out my brain" on a daily basis.

(2) To earn credibility so that I can ultimately impact society for good - Professors are a formidable presence in our world. They are respected and revered as leaders and torch-bearers. They have a profound and pervasive influence on the thoughts and morals of their wide-reaching community network. Indeed, they mold the minds of the newest generations.

(3) To open career doors for the future - I'd like to be a professor and a writer. Obtaining my Ph.D. will help me to do both.

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Anonymous said...

Go for it!! Seize the day!! I love your energy and motivation! I was praying today that God will give you discernment and wisdom as you discover new adventures in life:)