Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Cool House

Remember the friend that you had growing up who had "the cool house"? You know - the one with the swimming pool, the big screen TV, the ping pong table, the dart board, the green lawn, the volleyball court, the stacks of board games, the karaoke machine, the den that was perfect for slumber parties, etc. It was the house where the pantry shelves were always stocked with snacks and the low-key, yet highly involved, parents didn't hesitate to order pizza or make pancakes for breakfast. It was the house where you and your buddies somehow always ended up.

That's the kind of house we want to have - "the cool house". Not, of course, for the sake of coolness alone. No, we want it so that our kids will have a safe place to hang out with their friends - so that we can be a part of their lives as they meander through the sometimes-treacherous highways of childhood and adolescence.

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