Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Master-Planned Communities

I admit. I absolutely love master-planned communities. I am especially a huge fan of the new and exciting trend of mixed-use developments, wherein commercial and residentials sites are intermixed in a giant pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.

The idea of meeting a friend for coffee, taking the kids swimming, going for a 3-mile walk on a paved trail, picking up a few groceries for dinner, or participating in a book club or pilates class without even getting in my car is extremely appealing to me. I am especially attracted to this option now that I have children as cars provide a bit of an obstacle to getting anywhere - packing the diaper bag, buckling in baby to carseat, worrying that the baby will cry or throw up or stop breathing while out-of-view, etc. What a relief it would be to simply walk out the front door with baby in tow.

My dream neighborhood? A safe, clean, modern, trendy, affordable, pedestrian-friendly community with parks, swimming pools, cafes, grocery stores, restaurants, family activities, and more. Examples: Sienna Plantation, The Woodlands, Verrado, and Rancho Sahuarita.

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