Sunday, March 18, 2007

Right Next Door

Two days ago I was hanging out with my friend Ashley. We were talking about master-planned communities and how much we would like to live in one. I said that, if one opened on this side of town, we might consider moving. She said, "...and we'd move in right next door!"

And I thought - that would be absolutely wonderful! I'd love to be able to go walking, to make dinner together, to hang out during the day, to stop over if I was out of milk, and to put our kids in strollers and meander to the local cafe or swimming pool (all in the master-plan, of course!). I vote YES on that dream...

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Me too!! We should start talking to subdivision developers about our "dream" Then we could build our house's right next to eachother but close to the coffee shop..That would be SO MUCH FUN!!