Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Girl Next Door

Being around all of the hoopla and foofaraw of the fashion industry and the celebrity world made me realize that I'm really just the girl-next-door type. Yes, I liked being served champagne while my hair was shampooed and eating gourmet food was fun, but something seemed missing from that green world of wealth and fame. The people I met were nice, but they lacked the authenticity that comes from hard work and happenstance.

I like the "real", homeade part of me. It's the me that:
* doesn't wear make-up or wears just a little bit of blush and lipstick
* loves to lounge around the house in pajama pants and t-shirts
* would much rather eat-in with friends than attend a big soiree
* sings in the shower and along with the radio in the car
* dances in the living room
* makes crazy faces to make Kayla laugh
* loves wearing jeans, boots, and a nice jacket
* enjoys walking, camping, hiking, scrapbooking, and hanging out with friends
* curls up with a good book or on a soft chair with my laptop to blog or write
* is totally and completely content at home with the people I love

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