Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Hotel

As part of my contest prize, FIDM put us up in the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. It is the newest hotel in the area and it is considered to be posh, postmodern, and swanky to the utmost degree. And it was nice - but not $275-300/night nice.

It was, of course, very nice on the one hand. The rooms all had 42" plasma TV's. The comforter was down. The sheets and pillows were noticeably soft. Bathrobes and slippers were provided in all of the rooms. Oh, and I can't leave out the Penthouse restaurant on the 18th floor - it had beautiful views, fascinating decorations, and delicious gourmet food.

On the other hand, wireless Internet service was not complimentary (that is not at all postmodern...) and guests had to pay for parking. There was no pool on the hotel grounds. There were no family amenities (kids club, play area, kids menu at restaurant, etc.). The guestrooms were on the small side. There was no happy hour and breakfast was not complimentary. The "nightly turndown" service didn't even include a mint.

As Tim and I laid on the queen size bed with Kayla upon arrival, we both commented how hotels really aren't all that they are cracked up to be. In many ways, it's much more satisfying and restful and luxurious to be wrapped in the comfort of our home.

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