Monday, March 19, 2007

Business Idea #1: Restaurant/Cafe for Families

Attention aspiring entrepreneurers! If you are looking for a business idea with huge potential for success, consider opening a restaurant/cafe chain for moms and/or families. Think outside-of-the-box and think about the needs of families. Think beyond simply offering a kids menu. Create a place where kids and families are completely welcome - and wah-la - your business will be booming. (P.S. I'll be your first customer!)

Here are a few suggestions:
* Menu items ahould be nutritious and kid-friendly, but also delicious and gourmet (satisfying the palate of both the parents and the kids). No more chicken nuggets and hot dogs! How about chicken salad sandwiches (cut into cute shapes with cookie cutters), whole wheat banana pancakes (w/ the classic smily face created w/ cherries and other fruits), or a sliced fruit and yogurt sundae?
* Plan in large family-friendly restrooms as part of the restaurant design. In the restrooms, be sure to include clean changing station areas complete with complimentary wipes and comfortable chairs or private areas for nursing.
* Create a kids play area w/ a playground and/or books and/or toys and/or a make-believe shop.
* Make it a place where parents can still feel professional, productive, and trendy. Have free WI-FI access, good coffee, maybe even a nice selection of wines.
* Have special events and classes throughout the week: baby sign language, storyhour, work-at-home parents networking, moms night out, etc.

Need more suggestions? I've got them! Just ask.

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