Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wanted: A Local Writing Group that Isn't Weird

About six years ago, I attended a writing workshop that was hosted by the local community college. The average age of attendees was probably 45-50. Most of the attendees wanted to write novels. Most were a little on the strange side and were probably introverts by nature.

I definitely felt a little out of place. I wanted to write non-fiction. I was young. I was a socialite, active in my community and ambitious in my career.

Ever since then, I've hesitated to get involved in a writing group. I'm always afraid that I will end up in a hole-in-the-wall place on the shady side of town with a group of free-spirited romantics.

But I keep reading about authors who say that writing groups were their savior. And so many trade books echo that sentiment. They say, "Be in a group of people who can keep you accountable, get your creative juices flowing, remind you about deadlines, and encourage you in your goals."

It sounds nice, really, but I have so many reservations. How does one go about finding a group of normal writers? Will it be a useful or futile use of my time? What if somebody steals my ideas (juvenile, I know...)?

I went on Flickr and searched "Writing Group" and found the picture above. I know. They look like they are quite normal people - having fun, sharing insights, etc. So, there's gotta be groups out there like this...

Somebody, convince me.

(Photo by: Bud the Teacher)


Melissa Garrett said...

What about starting an online group? (ahem - pick me! pick me!)

Rebecca said...

I have no reason to claim any expertise, but I was also going to suggest online. =D

Stephanie said...

Great suggestion, ladies! I'll have to brainstorm how that would work...