Sunday, September 23, 2007

Getting Serious about Writing

I'm planning to "turn up the heat" in moving forward with my writing career. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to create specific goals for sending out queries to magazines and newspapers - as well as for submitting a non-fiction book proposal. I am also going to think about the possibility of joining (or starting) a writer's group and registering for a writing conference. Any tid-bits or tips from other aspiring or famous writers would be greatly appreciated!

(Photo by: athena)


Melissa Garrett said...

I've just increased the number of articles I write each day for my job, and I have a half dozen articles and queries to begin. I also have another *secret* project I hope to begin soon.

A writer's group would be awesome (especially if it were an online writer's group - hint!)

Damselfly said...

Great! My tip is to be persistent and to remember that it can sometimes be tough to get published by a paying market.

Zane said...

To borrow a phrase...just do it. Everything you do will, at the least, teach you, expand your horizon, lead you one step further. Worst learn something's NOT what you need to do.

Oh and one other thing...have fun along the way. When it stops being fun...stop. If there's not a thrill, a satisfaction from the activity...stop. You'll only be successful doing what you love.