Monday, September 3, 2007

More on Fringe Benefits - how to keep your employees happy...and healthy

The exercise and diet choices of your employees are a personal matter. You certainly can't control how much Pepsi your secretary drinks or how much your colleagues work-out at the gym...or can you?

Healthy people are happier people. They are less depressed and less sick - and, in turn, usually live a lifestyle that promotes health for their entire family. As a manager or CEO, you benefit when your employees make good fitness and dietary choices - and it doesn't hurt to encourage [and model] the desired behaviors you want.

Try this...
A. Partner with a local gym to offer free or discounted memberships to employees. If you want, put conditions on the offer. For example, it's only free if they go to the gym three or more times a week.
B. If you have space, consider adding a gym and/or cafeteria and/or walking track on-site at your company.
C. Have a local bagel shop or healthy eatery drop by in the mornings or afternoons to sell healthy snack options (bagels, fruit cups, yogurt, trail mix, etc.).
D. Give all employees pedometers and create some kind of competition so that employees keep track of the number of steps they take per day.
E. Let employees leave one hour early once or twice per week IF they can show proof that they went to the gym or exercised instead.
F. Put together a company team for a local marathon or race.

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