Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Reasons Why I Read Your Blog (or why I don't)

I've been thinking about what attracts me to the blogs that I frequent.

I read blogs that:
(1) have solid, well-written, thoughtful content.
(2) are written by people I know personally.
(3) are written by authors, leaders, politicians, or journalists who I admire.
(4) are written by bloggers who frequent my blog and contribute.
(5) provide links to new research, interesting websites, or current events.

Note: If the blog fails to deliver #1 (solid, well-written, thoughtful content), I quickly move on regardless of #2-5.

I don't read blogs that:
(1) have too much advertising.
(2) have too many "buttons" and "blogger awards" on the side columns.
(3) are too long.
(4) are too negative or too sarcastic.
(5) are too personal without any broader relevance or message.

I'll end my post now for fear of losing readers for reason #3 (too long).

Why do you read blogs?

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Renee Schafer Horton said...

Thanks for visiting LOR. I'm just getting back in the saddle with it this morning. Saw your comments and would like to talk more at length with you about it. Can you e-mail me at and we could set something up - if you don't mind hanging out with someone from your mother's generation, that is. :-)
Renee Schafer Horton

Damselfly said...

I read blogs for the entertainment value, mostly. Pictures of cute kids, funny kids stories -- that kind of thing.

Betsy said...

Stephanie, after reading your post, I feel it's an honor that you visited our 4FabMoms blog!

I have also enjoyed reading your blog and plan to visit it often!

Oh, and I enjoy reading blogs for entertainment and knowledge. There is a lot of great information out there that people are willing to share!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

I've been thinking about the blogs I read or don't read, too, and my biggest turn-off are those people who complain too much about every.single.thing.

But I like those that offer a creative voice and can make me laugh. Now that I am moving ahead with my writing career, I appreciate sites with articles full of useful (to me) information.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

PS - Is the name on that book Margaret Mission?

Stephanie said...

Thanks to everyone who has chimed in so far. I'd love for this discussion to continue.

P.S. The author of the pictured book is Margaret Mason. I actually haven't read it, but the title is certainly intriguing.