Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Like Nice People('s blogs)

Last week I blogged about why I read people's blogs.

To re-cap: I read blogs that have thoughtful, solid, well-written content.

I also read blogs that are written by nice people. I read blogs that are written by people that I would go out to lunch with or have over to my house.

Of course, I can't say for sure if they are really nice or if they're just putting up a nice facade, but there are general rules that help me decide. Most of the people on my "must-read" blog list have a positive outlook on life - they rarely complain (unless its constructive) and they see the sunshine behind the clouds. They don't say "bad words" and they have good manners. They value things like family, health, and education. It's actually easier to ascertain "niceness" than you might presume.

So, I read blogs of people who are nice...

...AND who update their blogs regularly (go a week without updating and - poof - you will probably disappear from my blog roster). Even if you're nice.

What blogs do you read?

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