Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tucson Tuesdays

If you haven't been to your local library lately, you might want to give your neighborhood one a second glance.

Even if you don't enjoy reading, there are lots of fantastic reasons to venture into the literary world:

A. Most libraries carry a wide selection of new-release and classic DVD's. As such, you can check out movies for free (instead of reaching into your wallet for $5 at Blockbuster).
B. Most libraries have a fantastic selection of audio books on CD. Perfect for road trips, long business commutes, and cleaning the house.
C. Most libraries have WI-FI access. Yes, you can bring your laptop and surf the Internet on a comfy chair.
D. All libraries have computers with Internet access available.
E. There are SO many activities that you would never think a library might sponsor...business workshops, DDR for teens, mom and baby yoga, etc.
F. Even if you don't love to read, it's a great idea to foster a love of reading in your kids. Take them to story hour or enroll them in the summer reading program.

Come on all you bookworms and book-avoiders - check out your local library. There's something for everyone.

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