Friday, April 27, 2007


When and if I have time to spare (if you are a mom, you know that translates as almost never), here are the ways I like to spend my time:

* reading - especially non-fiction (parenting, health, cookbooks, politics, business, etc.)
* writing
* scrapbooking
* hiking, backpacking, or going on some outdoor adventure
* listening to a lecture or attending a workshop on a topic I'm interested in
* tinkering around with the guitar
* taking outdoor pictures w/ my digital camera
* trying new foods
* playing soccer, volleyball, or walleyball

Share your favorite pastimes.

1 comment:

Mandi said...

hiking, swimming, playing tennis, reading, working in my garden, talking on the phone with people from home, sitting in Starbucks, flying!!, going to a park with a lake, going to the beach, baking... the list goes on...