Sunday, February 25, 2007

High School Reform, Part I

I've been thinking a bit about the high school structure lately due to several situations in my extended family and my workplace.

As a high school counselor, I see too many students who are restless, unmotivated, and irrational. They are bored by school and complain about the "drama" of campus life, yet they immerse themselves in the totality of it. They make foolish and thoughtless decisions. They waste their boundless creativity and energy on fruitless endeavors. Because they cannot see ahead, they squander their time and resources in the present. To them, high school is too long and somewhat useless - and perhaps it is.

When I think about what would be best for students in terms of educational success, I certainly don't think of an 8-2 schoolday with textbooks, bells, chalkboards, and paper/pencil exams.

It seems like high school should be much more interactive, much more global, and much more practical than it is. I am not suggesting a "free-for-all" system where students teach themselves and Calculus books & tests are thrown out the window. But I am suggesting a radical reformation in the educational system.

Stay tuned to hear my vision (and don't forget to post your ideas on the topic!).

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