Saturday, February 17, 2007

Etiquette for Wish Lists and Registries

The very first gift registry program was created by Marshall Fields in 1924 - and etiquette gurus responded with fury and fire. They retorted that such an idea was unmannerly and rude. In fact, some Emily Post-types still discourage including "we're registered at..." cards in wedding and baby shower invitations.

And I am here to say "pooh pooh" (as Madeline said to a tiger in the classic childrens book of the same name by Ludwig Bemelmans) on such advice.

Company registries and wish lists are a wonderful creation. How convenient it is for a guest to waltz down aisle 2A to a pre-selected, "perfect" gift for a happy couple or pregnant co-worker. The guest is relieved of hours of uncertain shopping - and, of course, the recipient is overjoyed at getting something they need.

All this to say - if you are planning to invite me to your birthday, wedding, anniversary, or baby shower, please do send along the registry and/or wish list cards and/or website links. I won't be the least bit offended.

In fact, more companies should offer birthday wishlists. I'd love to log on and buy a gift for an unsuspecting friend or family member.

P.S. Want to see my wish list? Log on to and search for my wish list by typing in my first and last name...

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